5. Provide technical review of proposals and project reports prior to submission to donors. 6. Participate in the development and expansion of International Medical Corps nutrition programming in emergencies and development. Training and capacity building 7.
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Nutrition Tips for Healthier & Happier Life! (Healthy Hollywood)

2. Healthy snacks. Try and have healthy snacks throughout the day; fruits are good or prepared vegetables. The idea is don’t’ want to get hungry. We are often in challenging food environments in our workplace or in our social settings and we are often tempted by food that everyone knows is unhealthy – cakes, cookies that type of thing.
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Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Encourages SNAP Changes to Increase Access to Healthy Foods

FNS is working to improve the eligibility requirements for SNAP retailers to better ensure participants have access to healthy foods, while also strengthening the SNAP programs integrity and minimizing misuse. The Academy encourages FNS to expand the stocking requirements to include healthier foods that more closely align with the recommendations of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. These changes, along with Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education or SNAP-Ed, position struggling families and communities across America to lead healthier lives, said registered dietitian nutritionist and Academy President Dr. Glenna McCollum. By ensuring that SNAP retailers carry a larger variety of healthier food items, we increase SNAP recipients access to more nutritious options, McCollum said. Research shows that program integrity is positively correlated with stores that provide sufficient access to healthy foods.
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